CNC universal grinder
GSU-30(40)B Series
The wheelhead is swiveled at high-speed by a direct drive system, and provides high positioning accuracy without backlash. The X-axis hydrostatic slide system and C- and X-axis control (optional specifications) permit eccentric and polygonal grinding.

Click a wheel mounting pattern for the grinding example.
The 1-head specification
  Plain Plain
+ I.D. grinding (option)
  Angular Angular
+ I.D. grinding (option)
The 2-head specification
Plain + Plain Angular + Angular Plain + Angular
  Plain + Angular
+ I.D. grinding (option)
Plain + Angular
+ Thread grinding (option)

Please contact us for other wheel mounting patterns that are available.

Model Swing over table Center - distance
GSU-30B・50 Φ 300 mm 500 mm
GSU-30B・75 Φ 300 mm 750 mm
GSU-30B・100 Φ 300 mm 1,000 mm
GSU-30B・150 Φ 300 mm 1,500 mm
GSU-40B・50 Φ 410 mm 470 mm
GSU-40B・75 Φ 410 mm 720 mm
GSU-40B・100 Φ 410 mm 970 mm
GSU-40B・150 Φ 410 mm 1,470 mm
Wheel size (O.D.×W×I.D.) Φ 510 x 50 x Φ 127 mm
Wheel peripheral speed 45 m/sec
grinding diameter
GSU-30B series Φ 300 mm
GSU-40B series Φ 325 mm
Max. workpiece mass (when using both centers) 150 kg
Optional specifications
・ Dead・Live spindle workhead
・ Internal grinding attachment
・ Thread grinding attachment
・ Wheelhead infeed hydrostatic slide
・ Polygon grinding specication