CNC cylindrical grinder with MeisterHandwheels
GPH-30(40)B Series
This CNC cylindrical grinder provides simultaneous 2-axis control of the plain wheelhead (X-axis) and table traverse (Z-axis) type. In addition, handles are provided for manual-control feel of operation, providing an advantage when dealing with small lots of a wide variety of products.
Operated as easily as a manual machine and makes single workpiece grinding and custom fitting a snap!
ModelSwing over tableCenter - distance
GPH-30BŽ¥50Φ 300 mm500 mm
GPH-30BŽ¥75Φ 300 mm750 mm
GPH-30BŽ¥100Φ 300 mm1,000 mm
GPH-30BŽ¥150Φ 300 mm1,500 mm
GPH-30BŽ¥200Φ 300 mm2,000 mm
GPH-40BŽ¥50Φ 410 mm470 mm
GPH-40BŽ¥75Φ 410 mm720 mm
GPH-40BŽ¥100Φ 410 mm970 mm
GPH-40BŽ¥150Φ 410 mm1,470 mm
GPH-40BŽ¥200Φ 410 mm1,970 mm
Wheel size (O.D.×W×I.D.)Φ 405 x 50 x Φ 152.4 mm
Wheel peripheral speed33 m/sec
grinding diameter
GPH-30B seriesΦ 300 mm
GPH-40B seriesΦ 410 mm
Max. workpiece mass (when using both centers)150 kg
Optional specifications
Ž¥ Closed type hydrostatic wheelhead slide
Ž¥ Extremely low vibration motor 7.5 kW
Ž¥ Specified as per changed wheel cover Φ 510 x 75 mm
Ž¥ Specified as per changed wheel peripheral speed 45 m/sec
Ž¥ Internal grinding attachment