High-speed CNC eccentric pin grinder
Incorporates built-in wheel spindle motor for reduced wheelhead weight. Adopting a linear motor for wheelhead feed and high-output built-in servo motor for work spindle rotation, the GPEL-30Ž¥25 achieves high-speed and stable C- and X-axis control. Furthermore, the table traverse type assures high-precision grinding.
Achieving the world's top level high-speed pin grinding

Swing over tableΦ 300 mm
Workpiece length250 mm
Wheel size (O.D.×W×I.D.)Φ 250 x 25 x Φ 18 mm
Wheel peripheral speed80 m/sec
Maximum grinding diameterΦ 30 mm
Max. workpiece mass5 kg
Standard specifications
Ž¥ Machine full cover
Ž¥ Rotary wheel dressing device with AE sensor
Ž¥ Motor cooling oil cooler (wheelhead feed, wheel spindle, work spindle)