CNC centerless cylindrical grinder
GCO-16B Series
Equipped with a Z-axis slide, this CNC centerless cylindrical grinder allows traverse grinding, oscillate grinding and grinding of long length workpiece.
ModelWheel size
Max. grinding
Regulating Wheel
size (O.D.×W×I.D.)
GCO-16BŽ¥15Φ400x150xΦ228.6mm160 mmΦ230x160xΦ127mm
GCO-16BŽ¥33Φ400x150xΦ228.6mm350 mmΦ230x350xΦ127mm
Wheel peripheral speed25 m/sec
Maximum grinding diameterΦ 45 mm
Optional specifications
Ž¥ Wheel spindle motor invertor device
Ž¥ Rotary wheel dressing device
Ž¥ Several kinds of loading/unloading device