Large-sized CNC cylindrical grinder
GP-65(85/100)D Series
This series includes the ND type 1-axis CNC cylindrical grinder with plain wheelhead (X-axis) and hydraulic table feed, and the ND2 type CNC cylindrical grinder with simultaneous 2-axis control of the plain wheelhead (X-axis) and table traverse (Z-axis) type.
over table
Center -
Controlled axis
GP-65DŽ¥220NDΦ 650 mm2,200 mmX
GP-65DŽ¥300NDΦ 650 mm3,000 mmX
GP-65DŽ¥400NDΦ 650 mm4,000 mmX
GP-65DŽ¥500NDΦ 650 mm5,000 mmX
GP-65DŽ¥600NDΦ 650 mm6,000 mmX
GP-65DŽ¥220ND2Φ 650 mm2,200 mmX, Z
GP-65DŽ¥300ND2Φ 650 mm3,000 mmX, Z
GP-65DŽ¥400ND2Φ 650 mm4,000 mmX, Z
GP-65DŽ¥500ND2Φ 650 mm5,000 mmX, Z
GP-65DŽ¥600ND2Φ 650 mm6,000 mmX, Z
GP-85DŽ¥220NDΦ 850 mm2,200 mmX
GP-85DŽ¥300NDΦ 850 mm3,000 mmX
GP-85DŽ¥400NDΦ 850 mm4,000 mmX
GP-85DŽ¥500NDΦ 850 mm5,000 mmX
GP-85DŽ¥600NDΦ 850 mm6,000 mmX
GP-85DŽ¥220ND2Φ 850 mm2,200 mmX, Z
GP-85DŽ¥300ND2Φ 850 mm3,000 mmX, Z
GP-85DŽ¥400ND2Φ 850 mm4,000 mmX, Z
GP-85DŽ¥500ND2Φ 850 mm5,000 mmX, Z
GP-85DŽ¥600ND2Φ 850 mm6,000 mmX, Z
GP-100DŽ¥220NDΦ 1,000 mm1,770 mmX
GP-100DŽ¥300NDΦ 1,000 mm2,500 mmX
GP-100DŽ¥400NDΦ 1,000 mm3,500 mmX
GP-100DŽ¥500NDΦ 1,000 mm4,500 mmX
GP-100DŽ¥600NDΦ 1,000 mm5,500 mmX
GP-100DŽ¥220ND2Φ 1,000 mm1,770 mmX, Z
GP-100DŽ¥300ND2Φ 1,000 mm2,500 mmX, Z
GP-100DŽ¥400ND2Φ 1,000 mm3,500 mmX, Z
GP-100DŽ¥500ND2Φ 1,000 mm4,500 mmX, Z
GP-100DŽ¥600ND2Φ 1,000 mm5,500 mmX, Z
Wheel size (O.D.×W×I.D.)Φ 915 x 75 x Φ 304.8 mm
Wheel peripheral speed33 m/sec
grinding diameter
GP-65D seriesΦ 640 mm
GP-85D seriesΦ 840 mm
GP-100D seriesΦ 990 mm
Max. workpiece mass (when using both centers)3,000 kg
Optional specifications
Ž¥ Foundation parts
Ž¥ Specified as per changed wheel cover Φ 1,065 x 75 mm
Ž¥ Overhead type wheel dressing device (For ND type)
Ž¥ Internal grinding attachment