2-Head CNC cylindrical grinder
GNW-30 Series
This two-head CNC 4-axis CNC cylindrical grinder is equipped with two wheelheads in its compact body, thanks to the wheelhead traverse type, making it possible to grind in two locations at once.
Twin heads greatly
shorten cycle times

ModelSwing over tableCenter - distance
GNW-30Ž¥25Φ 300 mm250 mm
GNW-30Ž¥40Φ 300 mm400 mm
Wheel size (O.D.×W×I.D.)GNW-30Ž¥25Φ 510 x 50 x Φ 152.4 mm
GNW-30Ž¥40Φ 710 x 75 x Φ 254 mm
Wheel peripheral speedGNW-30Ž¥2560 m/sec
GNW-30Ž¥4045 m/sec
Maximum grinding diameterΦ 100 mm
Max. workpiece mass (when using both centers)150 kg
Optional specifications
Ž¥ Rotary wheel dressing device
Ž¥ Double drive workhead
Ž¥ Several kinds of loading/unloading device