Message from Shigiya

Our founding spirit of innovation allows us to meet customers'needs.

Shigiya Machinery Works Ltd. began business as a weaving loom manufacturer in 1911, and since that time has used imagination and inventiveness to give shape to our customers'needs.
Even after specializing in machine tools-especially cylindrical grinders-in the late 1950s, we worked hard to develop useful products to customers and to improve grinding process technologies, while doing our best to respond to diverse customer needs by maintaining this spirit of innovation.
As a result, we have achieved a system that allows us to provide a wide range of machinery. Indeed, our product lineup today includes a full range of cylindrical grinders, from production type to ultra-precision grinders both small and large.
In addition, by making full use of our proprietary advanced technology and grinding process technologies, we have been able to supply specialized grinders, such as masterless cam grinders, crank-pin grinders, polygon grinders and eccentric pin grinders to customers in both the domestic and overseas markets.

Through solution technologies and quality after service, we continue to provide products that deliver satisfaction.

While improving our products, when the customer plans to purchase machinery, our experienced sales staff will help the customer choose the best model to suit their needs and offer total solutions expertise that covers grinding, planning and handling, maximizing the benefits of purchasing new equipment for the customer.
Furthermore, our growing network of service centers and staff, both in Japan and overseas, will provide a robust backup system to ensure customers can continue to enjoy using our products at their maximum potential.

Commitment to the future

This blue Earth, and all its people and animals, are the only asset for us, our children, and people after us. Almost 200 years after the first use of fossil fuels with the start of the industrial revolution, we are now at a crucial transition point as we seek to develop a sustainable society.
Environmental and energy-conservation issues are now being faced all over the globe and it is our responsibility as a machine tool manufacturer to contribute to resolving issues of energy savings, resource conservation, and global warming through our technologies. There is tremendous potential in grinding to respond to these challenges. Improvement and research programs are ongoing to bring further refinements in grinding qualities and machine accuracy.

Going forward, we sincerely hope to continue offering products and services that provide the maximum benefit to customers buying our equipment. We appreciate your continued support to achieve this goal.
Sincere regards,

Norikazu Shigitani