Face grinder, CNC face grinder
SG-38B Series
This series includes the H type with hydraulic wheelhead feed, the A type with hydraulic automatic infeed, and the ND type with 1-axis CNC. The table feed of this face grinder is hydraulic.
Horizontal rotary grinder specialized for face and edge grinding
ModelSwing over tableWheel infeed
SG-38BHΦ 380 mmManual
SG-38BAΦ 380 mmHydraulic automatic
SG-38BNDΦ 380 mmCNC automatic
Wheel size (O.D.×W×I.D.)Φ 305 x 25 x Φ 127 mm
Wheel peripheral speed33 m/sec
Maximum grinding diameterΦ 400 mm
Distance from wheel face to work spindle face250 mm
Max. workpiece mass50 kg
Optional specifications
Wheel spindle motor invertor device
Wheel spindle speed indication device
Overhead type wheel dressing device
Work spindle mount type electromagnetic chucking device
Workhead swivel angle indicator